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Here will great inspiration & useful resources for designers be published. A great place to visit for all you creative souls out there. Inspiration for your mind and senses just a click away. Enjoy!

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| Useful splash tutorial |

This “PSDTuts” tutorial is a very useful and creative one. The concept of the splash effect can be various and used in many different ways to give that extra touch to your poster. It´s easy to learn but the practice of it is more impressive.

+ http://psdtuts.com/photo-effects-tutorials/enhance-your-ad-designs-with-3d-splashes

| An award of prestige |

FWA Hall Of Fame is one of many tributes by award websites out there. But FWA stands out and may be the most prestige’s one because of their approach during the selection and the highly demanded criteria of the winners. Because of the requirements there are only six members of FWA Hall Of Fame and I can’t agree more about the winners.

+ www.thefwa.org

| Photoshop tutorials |

What makes a good Photoshop tutorial great? Some ingredients should be that the instructions are easy to follow, both in words and pictures. The instructions should inspire to test other ways and experiments with filters, layers, effects etc. But perhaps most important, the picture you are creating in the tutorial should be inspiring and useful itself and bring you the feeling that you really are improving your skills in this very moment. PSDTUTS is one of all great guides out there, pay attention and learn.

+ www.psdtuts.com

| Creative design |

I love creative designers. I really think it´s all about not to restrain your thoughts. Think outside the box (I know it´s cliché) but it really helps to be open minded and get impressions from things you usually don’t relate to. As a guidance check out this flash movie.

+ www.adobecards.com

| Professional fonts |

Smashingmagazine.com is a great inspirational resource. One publication here contains free elegant fonts that really are useful! Download the fonts that may be useful in your work. As extra inspiration they have also published an article describing 80 Beautiful Typefaces For Professional Design.

+ www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/11/08/40-excellent-freefonts-for-professional-design
+ www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/08/08/80-beautiful-fonts-typefaces-for-professional-design

| Be inspired by business cards |

All my life as a designer I have loved business card design and especially since I saw the movie “American Psycho” and the scene where they show each other their smooth looking business cards I have enjoyed the feeling of holding a well design card in my hand.

Out of great ideas to create a new profile? Check out these genuine good looking business cards and feel the inspiration embrace your body. Awesome work by great designers!

+ www.flickr.com/photos/dailypoetics/sets/72057594104389710

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