Fredrik A Zoreshine
Impossible is nothing. Always aim higher and you will reach further. Discover the unknown where everything is possible and the outcome is up to you... It’s your choice. Set your own limits. Decide your own goals!

| Zoreshine? |

I´m a 22 year old student from Uppsala, Sweden (studying economics - marketing & organisation management) and I love great design and extraordinary experiences. My target group is the whole world and for them who appreciate extraordinary design, inspirational events, experiences and great things that is worth longing for.

When design is perfect it’s hard to describe why... Perhaps the perfection rise when all elements, lines and curves are so balanced that combination makes your eyes rest when observing the object and your mind just longs for it. Zoreshine – Design & Lifestyle is the portal where I, Fredrik Andersson gather all those things, both products and experiences worth longing for!

I love everything that has to do with great design within the frames of what this homepage has to offer and shows. This site is a way for me to show the best the life has to offer in the shape of good design that spellbinds your senses. I think you could call my interest a lifestyle and it gave me a thought to assemble everything I like to experience around this lifestyle and the design I like. All these things did finally turn out to what I call Zoreshine.

This homepage is originally made for Swedish people, but I wanted an international touch and for that reason are its contents in English. Though most of the links are to Swedish firms etc, everyone who likes design can enjoy the site and what it has to offer. I try to focus on as many interesting events, news, etc I can found, mostly international ones.

This site is written and made by my own free will and interest (cv) and I reserve myself for possible mistakes and failures.

And do remember – always aim higher!

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