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Old atricles on Zoreshine
This is the section where stuff once puplished on Zoreshine will be stored. Enjoy!

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| Philippe Starck’s AK47 |

The talented and famous designer Philippe Starck has designed a lamp that is something very special. The lamp takes the shape of an AK47, but don’t worry it’s just a replica. As you surely have thought for your selves this will be a controversial lamp because of its appearance. But instead of criticizing the choice of the AK47 design, I hope people just can look beyond this and realize and appreciate the fancy and beauty side of the design. But do remember the more seriously explanation of the design: This is what can be read at the homepage of Philippe Starck - “The Guns Collection is nothing but a sign of the times” and “We get the symbols we deserve”.

+ Visit the homepage of Philippe Starck for more info.

| Hotel FOX |

Hotel Fox is situated on Jarmers Plads in the centre of Copenhagen. The hotel is a true lifestyle hotel and has truly succeeded with its 61unique rooms that have been designed by 21 international artists from the fields of graphic design, urban art and illustration.

The artists have used many different types of styles from comical styles to strict graphic design mixed with a huge dose of creativity and imagination that have made each room to an individual piece of art.

It took only four months to get it finished and the result is amazing. The project has turned the former Park Hotel, a regular 3-star hotel into one of the world’s most exciting and creative lifestyle hotel. Hotel Fox promise that you haven't seen anything like this before.

+ The homepage of Hotel Fox

| The Marimekko bowl |

An enjoyable reunion is the Marimekko bowl from Iittala that have the timeless look that make it so easy to decorate with. It will be suitable as well in a home with a classic interior as a home with a chic moderna style. The bowl is created for Marimekko by Iitala glassware and has a design that attracts a lot of attention and is suitable for both serving as well as decorating. The bowl comes in many different colours so there is one for each taste.

+ For info and retailers visit Iittala's official homepage

| Office furniture from "" |

TheMagazine is a modern furniture store online that have a huge variety of modern furnishing. I really like their office furniture that has a modern, fancy and sensual design that is playful and not as boring as much office furniture can be. Instead of standard office desk that always seems to have a ugly and predictable design “theMagazine” sales office furniture that are both well designed and functional. Simple expressed: a piece of furniture that doesn’t just fill its function but also is nice to look at.

One of my favourites is the desk “Ajax” (see the picture below, from that has a nice slimed design and is easy to put away if you need more space.

+ Visit “” too a closer look.

| What’s Your Poison? |

The London based design studio FRANK has a reason for everything they design and everything must work well and that’s for sure a winning concept. Frank has designed a set of eight different drinkmats based on the Periodic table. The theme is a very creative choice and the design is one of the most striking I have ever seen implemented on drinkmates. The colour choice and the graphic design are terrific. The very best feeling and the right sex appeal will appear when using them on a black surface.

This is a “must have product” and one of the coolest drink accessories money can buy. I’m sure these drinkmats will impress as much on your friends as on your chemistry teacher.

+ Visit too take a closer look and watch other products.

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