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Old atricles on Zoreshine
This is the section where stuff once puplished on Zoreshine will be stored. Enjoy!

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| The perfect gift for Christmas |

I really love Moleskine. Not because of its history: “as the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers for the past two centuries”. Mostly because of the shape of a simple product that is manufactured in perfection. The design is outstanding. Perhaps this is why I think it’s a perfect gift for everyone. It’s plain and simple but still exclusive and classic not expensive but still rich on future ideas shaped in your mind and expressed by a pencil on a perfect notebook. That’s perfect design.


| Lit up the autumn |

Autumn is here, winter to come, the darkness is arriving. Why not bring some light into your life? Badari lighting’s collection has this sexy Italian look combined with the robust Russian elegance. A combination that is perfect for cosy evenings indoors.


| What's the time? |

Perhaps, pimp time! The fancy watch company “Tokyo Flash” has made a renewed design of their very first watch serials known as “Pimp”. The pimp serials comes in three models named “Pimp Pusher” 1-3. They have perfect match of clean design combined with a fancy look. The reinvented pimp watch could be a classic and for the cheap price I would say it’s a real bargain.


| ”Eyes Wide Shut” for real |

Have you ever watched Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes wide shut” and thought for you self: “This would be nice to experience for real”. Well the truth is near. “Castleevents” arrange parties inspired by this picture and visiting one of their events is a great opportunity to truly live out your dreams and decadents. Main word: clean, mysterious and extremely sexy! Welcome to the main experience of your life!


| Fashion Fall 2007 |

I have gathered a Swedish smorgasbord of clothing and accessories that I find autumn stylish. Let the style of these clothes inspire your shopping, fall 2007.

Men´s denim shirt, Acne jeans - Men’s boots, Emporio Armani - Sunglasses, men’s accessories, Dolce&Gabbana - Pocket T-Shirt, Polo - Ralph Lauren

Woman’s Cap, Emporio Armani - Olive leather bootie, Alexander Mcqueen - Tan trunk bag, Alexander Mcqueen - Woman’s jacket, Hope

+ More great inpiration at

| 118 WallyPower |

Looking for a new yacht? The boat season seems to be to short for a Swede but for those of you taking the boat elsewhere check out the yacht “118 WallyPower” and impress on your friends at the yacht club. Wally’s yacht doesn’t look like anything else of those plastic boats at the market. So get something unique, search you pockets for money and get a “Wally”. Wally designs booth sailors as and engine powered boats.


| Audi R8 |

This must be one of the most longed-for introduces in years. The aggressive appearance and powerful performance of Audi R8 make your mind takes you to Le Mans and the success of Audi’s high performance cars. You can only hope that as many people as possible will get a chance to experience the car in real life and the powerful V8 engine that takes you from 0-100 km/h in 4,6 seconds. What a rush!


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